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Stop wasting time guessing what content to produce

Our proprietary algorithm uncovers keywords with high Search discoverability and transform them into content ideas.

Get a variety of content ideas
Done-for-you content briefs
Each brief is reviewed by our in-house SEO experts

Use first party data. Not black-box estimations.

Unlike other keyword research tools, our analyses rely entirely on Search Console data, the source of truth for Google Search.

This means your data is unaltered and always accurate.

You can’t optimise what you can’t measure

Our dashboards provide unparalleled insights into how people are discovering your business on Google Search. From site level all the way to keyword level.

What keywords are people using to discover your site?
Which keywords are driving the majority of organic traffic?
What is the percentage of times your site is shown on the the first page?

There is no quick fix for SEO. We track all your metrics over time to identify areas of improvement and opportunities for growth.

How does your search position change over time?
How often do people see your site in Google Search results?
Which page ranks the highest on Google Search?



Supercharge SEO performance with tailored recommendations and analytics.


Google Search Console integration
SEO dashboard
Blog recommendations


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Anita Koimur


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