Slack Alert

Stay on top of your business without ever leaving Slack

Get daily performance updates and anomalies sent to Slack. No more going to multiple places to check your KPIs.

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Daily alerts delivered to a dedicated channel

Bring the most important metrics right to your team’s dedicated channel. Customise the metrics which metrics to track, and frequency you want to receive them.

Keep everyone on the same page, always

Create threads and discuss any changes, keep everyone in the loop on what happened with your marketing, or get direct help from our data analyst in the same channel.

Visualisations and preview of the metrics you care about

View and compare your marketing performances, and easily spot any trends or anomalies through visualisations of your metrics.


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I like the Slack daily updates most of all– they give me a quick overview of what happened and anomalies, if any.
Anita Koimur
Cofounder at Liveflow
14-day free trial
No credit card required
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