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Kaya’s platform and services help you to track, launch, and optimise marketing in any paid channel within days. No need to hire freelancers, internal teams, or agencies.

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Join the founders from fast-growing startups

Iterate faster than ever

Launch campaigns with just a few clicks

We take care of all the tedious work required to launch campaigns in any of our supported channels.

All you need to do is approve.

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”Kaya grew our Google Ads conversions by 651%, decreased offer costs by 80%, and increased key conversion points +3x. By trusting Kaya and delegating, we regained time to spend understanding our users.”

Roland Mansilla


Marketing analytics you don’t need to build

Have a single source of truth for your growth KPIs. Get access to dashboards and alerts that uncover insights you need to maximise growth and ROI.

Simply connect your tools to get started.

Track all growth KPIs in one place ->

”After considering a fully automated tool like Supermetrics or a virtual assistant; Kaya offered the perfect blend of the 2. A reporting tool that links all of your systems, with a highly talented data team to help overcome any non-standard use cases.”

Dave Lane

Head of Growth

An extension to your lean team

Keep everyone in your company on the same page, always

Get daily performance updates and anomalies sent to Slack or email. No more going to multiple places to check your KPIs.

“I like the Slack daily updates most of all– they give me a quick overview of what happened and anomalies, if any.”

Anita Koimur


As reliable and responsive as your internal team

You will work directly with your account manager on a dedicated Slack channel. We act as your sounding board to bounce ideas or address any concerns you may have.

”I was talking to another agency and had already paid them, but they're so slow that I want to churn after seeing your team's speed.”

Kevin Wu


Leave Traditional Marketing Agencies & Freelancers Behind

We understand the frustrations of working with traditional marketing agencies: slow processes, inadequate reporting, communication issues, and restrictive contracts. That's why we created Kaya as a superior alternative.

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