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Kaya's automated, customised dashboards help you to track all your marketing metrics and answer the tough questions– so that you can make better, more data-driven business decisions.

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Beyond vanity metrics

Avoid the common pitfall of tracking metrics that don’t lead to any course of action. Our dashboards are carefully curated to empower you to spot trends and outliers that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Break data silos

Don’t just look at 1 data source in isolation. We combine data from multiple sources to show you the full picture, and making sure you measure the metrics that truly matter across all levels and channels.

Fully customised and automated

No more wasted human resources dedicated to data and dashboard up-keeping. All dashboards and metrics are created automatically based on your marketing stack.

Transforms to

Go further with custom reports

Have KPIs specific to your company? Want to do a deep dive on certain questions? Request a Custom Report and our teams of data analysts will produce a dashboard specific to your use case.


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