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With our cutting-edge technology and experienced marketers, we can deliver your Google Ads campaigns 10x cheaper, better and faster than traditional agencies. No minimum spend.

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Join the founders from fast-growing startups

Improve ROI and CAC

Our experienced marketing team will handcraft campaigns specifically tailored to your products and target audiences.

By harnessing the power of our cutting-edge algorithms, we are able to monitor your campaigns 24/7, delivering significant performance boosts.

“Kaya grew our Google Ads conversions by 651%, decreased offer costs by 80%, and increased key conversion points +3x. By trusting Kaya and delegating, we regained time to spend understanding our users.”

Roland Mansilla


We move fast and keep you updated, always

Weekly Report

Receive a concise update on past week's observations and plans for the upcoming week.

Daily Pulse

Bite-size updates to spot anomalies and celebrate accomplishments.

Live Dashboard

Standardised dashboard that uncover key insights across all your campaigns.

Task Board

We take care of project management. Easily track who is accountable for what and when.

”I was talking to another agency and had already paid them, but they're so slow that I want to churn after seeing your team's speed.”

Kevin Wu


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🚀 Execute campaigns
✍🏻 Copywriting
🕵🏻 Tracking
🎨 Creative Design
📈 Reporting
🖥️ Landing Page CRO

Pay Less, Grow More

With our technology, we're able to deliver superior outcomes with minimal overhead costs, and we pass those savings back to you.

From $3,000/month
3-month contract, paid monthly

What's included

Ads management
Campaign setup end-to-end
Ongoing ads management & optimisation
Conversion tracking setup
Landing page audit & recommendations
Weekly reports
Regular Slack/email updates
Live dashboards
Dedicated support via Slack Connect
Creative design
Deliverables in Figma/Illustrator
Unlimited revisions
Landing page design
Figma mockup
Website copywriting
Webflow/Shopify implementation


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Leave Traditional Marketing Agencies & Freelancers Behind

We understand the frustrations of working with traditional marketing agencies: slow processes, inadequate reporting, communication issues, and restrictive contracts. That's why we created Kaya as a superior alternative.

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