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Track all your competitors' ads and unlock actionable insights that will help you win. All the intelligence you need is now in one place, finally.

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Know what your competitors are up to, fast

Get a top-down view of all your competitors' activities by ad channel

Reveal their ad spend and effort for each channel

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Take the guesswork out of your next campaign, and win

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Get recommendations on which channels and how much to invest in

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How it works

Gather all the intel without the tedious steps


Let us know which competitors you're curious about


We gather data and analyse them for you


Receive fresh, tactical insights

Competitor analysis has never been easier

Without Kaya
Waste days manually collecting and analysing data from multiple sources
Unsure which marketing channels are effective
Unaware of ideal customer profiles and messaging that have been proven to work
Waste ad budget on the same mistakes made by competitors
With Kaya
Confidently make marketing investment decisions based on data, not guesswork
Understand the competitive landscape and trends to enable better product positioning
Access creative inspirations to enhance your own campaigns and iterate faster
Reduce the risks associated with trial-and-error in marketing campaigns


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Outsmart your Competitors

All the competitor intelligence you need to win, in one place.