Cross Channel Analytics

Connect your entire marketing stack to Kaya and measure how visitors from different acquisition channels contribute to the success of your business.

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Know your true Customer Acquisition Cost

Which channel generates the highest return? or have the lowest cost per acquisition?
What is the best way to allocate my budget across different ads channels?
What is my LTV-to-CAC ratio?

Monitor all campaigns in one place, regardless of which ads platform they are from

Which campaign has the highest return-on-ads-spend?
Which ads have the best clickthrough and conversion rate?
How do my campaigns perform relative to previous months?


Can I customise my dashboards?

“When we signed up for Kaya I was expecting a little more insight on our Social Ad performance with a few dashboards. What we got was an extension of our team, linking data from various systems to create completely automated reports and dashboards that span the whole business. And no matter how challenging the request, the Kaya team always find a solution.”

Dave Lane

Head of Growth

Leave Traditional Marketing Agencies & Freelancers Behind

We understand the frustrations of working with traditional marketing agencies: slow processes, inadequate reporting, communication issues, and restrictive contracts. That's why we created Kaya as a superior alternative.

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