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PPC campaigns help startups manage their budgets while delivering results. Since running PPC campaigns can be tricky, you need a digital marketing agency for startups with PPC expertise to deliver quick results. Several agencies specialize in different aspects of PPC campaigns. So, follow our review to determine the ideal one for you.

In this post, we’ll be covering:

  • What is PPC, and why is it important for startups?
  • PPC-focused digital marketing agencies for startups
  • Choosing the ideal startup digital marketing agency
  • Key strategies for successful startup PPC campaigns
  • Future trends in PPC for startups

What is PPC, and why is it important for startups?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an online marketing where you place your ads on search engines or websites and only pay when someone clicks the ad. So, the website or search engine only receives the fee when it sends visitors your way. 

When done right, PPC is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies for startups. On average, PPC advertising increases a brand's awareness by 80%. It can help you hit your marketing goals in little time. 

How PPC benefits startups

Here are six of the most important ways PPC can improve your marketing outcomes.

  • It targets ads for the relevant audience.
  • It generates measurable leads to help with marketing improvements.
  • It generates fast traffic.
  • PPC delivers immediate results, which are helpful for startups.
  • It offers much flexibility and also allows scalability.

Essential metrics to track in your PPC campaign

Tracking metrics allows you to know how well you’re performing. Here are important metrics to consider: 

  • Cost-per-click
  • Cost-per-conversion
  • Return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Quality score
  • Click-through-rate (CTR)
  • Conversion rate

PPC-focused digital marketing agencies for startups

Here are the top ten picks for startup PPC digital marketing agencies based on services, unique features, and past performance.

1. Kaya

Kaya is a leading digital marketing agency for startups focused on paid ads for Google, Meta, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Our leadership team comes with deep startup experience with Revolut and Uber. Kaya is data-driven and offers innovative marketing technology solutions like the Competitor Ad Intelligence tool, marketing data integration, and automated dashboards. 

Unlike many digital marketing agencies, we are transparent with our pricing. What you see is what you get. You get a free proposal, and for a 3-month contract of $3,000 per month without minimum spend, you get:

  • Campaign setup end-to-end
  • Ads management and optimization
  • Creative design
  • Landing page design
  • Live analytics dashboards

There is also a performance-based pricing system in place, so you only pay us based on the results we deliver. 

Kaya is purpose-built for startups, is low-risk, and delivers results in 2 weeks. We helped Safely Finance deliver 651% growth on Google Ads conversions while decreasing offer cost by 80% and increasing key conversion points 3x.

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2. Digital Uncut

Digital Uncut, a London-based digital marketing agency for startups, provides PPC management for startups. This agency comprises startup marketing experts for:

  • Ad spending
  • Keyword research
  • Ad placement
  • Budgeting

They employ SEO practices in addition to PPC marketing, using personalized campaigns with social ads to offer startup digital marketing services. Digital Uncut’s SEO experience helps with better keywords for ads, but its pricing plans are not transparent.

3. Tuff Growth

Tuff Growth offers plans for startups looking to maximize PPC and social advertising. Having worked with over 50 startups over the last five years, the agency can help:

  • Determining your audience
  • Curating effective keywords for your campaign
  • Monitoring competitors
  • Creating and executing PPC strategies

The agency offers a couple of customizable plans. However, they require a 3-month payment commitment, which is not suitable for startups that need to manage their finances.

4. Rampiq

Rampiq is a startup digital marketing agency that executes PPC advertising for tech startups using search engines and other online methods. Rampiq positions itself as an ideal PPC marketing agency for startups by offering the following solutions.

  • Innovative solutions, even with limited budgets 
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • It keeps up with the trends on popular marketing platforms

Reviews show good client satisfaction with this startup digital marketing agency, but they only offer a few services, which limits the range of their PPC campaigns.

5. Kraftblick

The agency offers social media marketing for tech-focused startups and combines social media advertising and SEO in its PPC campaigns. They have worked with companies like Itransition, 3dcart and Softeq. 

Client reviews show good performances in PPC campaigns and social media advertising. However, it only serves brands in IT and tech startups, and they do not mention the cost of their paid ad consulting services.

6. WannaApps

WannaApps specializes in PPC and Google Ads marketing. This agency pays significant attention to PPC campaigns, helping startups maximize their returns and revenue. 

Through personalized partnerships, the agency helps startups create and manage ads on multiple platforms and mainly uses helpful audience-targeting techniques. While each client enjoys tailored services, they focus more on social media, so they may not be of much use to you.

7. SmartSites

SmartSites offers local, national, and E-commerce PPC advertising solutions for startups. It helps businesses run PPC ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Bing, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and X, formerly Twitter.

This agency has worked with industrial, small, and retail businesses like Melfast, Clark Filters Direct, and Outdoor Gear, helping them increase ROI and lower their CPC. However, besides its high-cost services, SmartSites does not process refunds.

8. Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is a digital marketing agency for startups offering PPC advertising services, plus Google, Meta, TikTok, and LinkedIn ad services. The agency also uses paid media and remarketing in its PPC campaigns and prioritizes helping brands grow their ROI.

They have worked with businesses in the auto services, home services, and financial services industries. However, a few clients have complained about the agency's lack of proper appointment scheduling.


This UK-based digital marketing agency serves startups and other established businesses. It focuses on personalized ads and PPC advertising to drive traffic, increase conversions, and boost ROAS. 

CEEK serves startup brands across sectors: construction, real estate, fashion, retail, food, health, travel, home, lifestyle, and sports. However, the agency does not present any clear advertising or pricing plans.

10. Adtrak

Adtrak offers PPC management, PPC audits, E-Commerce PPC, and Google ads management for startups. It also runs remarketing campaigns, Microsoft advertising, and YouTube campaigns. 

The agency has run PPC marketing for several brands, including Abbey Roofing, Fraser James Blinds, Morplan, Hitchcock and King, and EasyMix Concrete. However, some clients have mentioned that the agency overshoots their expected results projections.

Choosing the ideal startup digital marketing agency

Here are the four basic factors to consider when you want to choose a digital marketing agency for your startup's PPC needs.

1. Your budget: Create a budget that aligns with your finances and confirm it aligns with the agency's pricing. 

2. The agency’s expertise and experience: Check agency portfolios, case studies, and reviews to know their experience level. 

3. Their range of services: Ensure that your marketing goals align with their range of services.

4. Flexibility and scalability: Focus on agencies that use flexible tools and methods and one that can help you scale.

Choosing the right startup digital marketing agency requires meticulous work. So, we created a detailed guide to help you out.

Key strategies for successful PPC campaigns as a startup

1. Keyword research and selection: You can either brainstorm to find possible options or use a suitable tool for your keyword research.

2. Use compelling ad copy and creatives: When creating ad copy for PPC advertising campaigns, keep your audience in mind. Also, make the copy concise, clear, and in line with your landing page.

3. Optimize your landing page: Use a concise layout, a compelling headline, and include a strong call to action. Also, be flexible and implement continuous improvements.

4. Use A/B tests: Test your headlines, ad copy, and visual designs to see which ones perform better and go with what the data shows you.

5. Tracking and analyzing PPC performance: Measure key metrics to monitor your PPC campaign's performance.

Future trends in PPC for startups

As we head into the future, here are PPC trends to watch. 

  • Growth of smart bidding: Smart bidding optimizes conversions and conversion values in auctions using machine learning. This trend will automate PPC bidding and reduce manual bidding.
  • AI and machine learning in PPC: AI and machine learning will enhance and automate PPC through predictive analytics and personalized advertising, making campaigns more targeted.
  • Increasing use of dynamic search ads: Dynamic search ads show relevant ads based on the user’s search entries. Marketers will adopt dynamic search ads to deliver better targeting.

Case studies

Snap Studio

When Snap Studio hit a rock with its marketing, it reached out to Kaya. By combining its team of marketing strategists, analysts, and proprietary AI, Kaya delivered exceptional results.

Founder Zach Nieman had this to say. 

“Kaya’s network of venture-backed companies and top-notch leadership is highly responsive and proactive. They care about getting results for their clients and go above and beyond to make sure every base is covered from the very beginning.”


E-rides struggled with marketing decision-making as their data was all over the place. Kaya solved the problem through its paid ads expertise, allowing it to integrate and access all marketing data from a single, automated dashboard.

Emily Chen, the co-founder, was elated by the changes. 

“Having visibility of all my data in one place makes it so much easier to understand what's going on. We're finding ourselves much more confident in our decision-making. It’s not a coincidence we're seeing CTR up by 4x and conversion doubling since we started using it.”


Who is the best PPC agency?

There are several startup PPC agencies that you can consider based on your budget and marketing goals, but Kaya, Tuff Growth, and Digital Uncut are startup digital marketing agencies that stand out.

What is PPC in digital marketing?

PPC is a type of online marketing where you place ads and only pay when a prospect clicks on your ad.

Is PPC free or paid?

PPC means pay-per-click. It is not free, but there is also no upfront payment. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

How much does it cost to hire a PPC agency?

The cost differs by agency. Most digital marketing agencies for startups do not reveal their pricing—you have to call to inquire. However, Kaya offers transparent pricing of $3,000 per month on a 3-month contract, paid monthly. Kaya also offers performance-based pricing, where you only pay when you start to see results.

Final thoughts

PPC campaigns are among the most effective marketing and ad strategies for startups. Hence, choose a digital marketing agency that delivers fast and sustainable results for startups.

Kaya has a data-driven team that delivers 10x results for startups.

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