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When we signed up for Kaya I was expecting a little more insight on our Social Ad performance with a few dashboards. What we got was an extension of our team, linking data from various systems to create completely automated reports and dashboards that span the whole business. And no matter how challenging the request, the Kaya team always find a solution.

Dave Lane

Head of Growth

Kaya grew our Google Ads conversions by 651%, decreased offer costs by 80%, and increased key conversion points +3x. By trusting Kaya and delegating, we regained time to spend understanding our users.

Roland Mansilla


So glad you are building Kaya, guys! I really love how fast and responsive you are and how much you support early-stage startups like ourselves with the best practices and benchmarks.

Anita Koimur


I was talking to another agency and had already paid them, but they're so slow that I want to churn after seeing your team's speed.

Kevin Wu


The analytics and insights I get from Kaya have been such a time saver, and helped cut through the chaff and show us the numbers that mattered and what they meant. It was very helpful in guiding us on what to focus on while scaling up our business.

Shaun Low


Kaya has been helping us out with some marketing as well, and they have been AMAZING to work with. Highly recommend talking to them!

Paul Nakata


Kaya has been a lifesaver for helping us better manage our paid ad channels and avoid time-consuming report pulling, and I’ve been so impressed with the founding team and their velocity in shipping new features and reporting. Getting set-up was a breeze as well. Would highly recommend checking it out!

Brian Maurer


We worked with Kaya and I cannot begin to describe how useful it is to have all analytics from Facebook and Google in one place, made it so much easier to make decisions on our paid marketing campaigns.

Tamir Shklaz


Kaya’s network of venture-backed companies and top-notch leadership is highly responsive and proactive. They care about getting results for their clients and go above and beyond to make sure every base is covered from the very beginning.

Zach Nieman


We are big fans of Kaya at LiveFlow and can highly recommend other startups checking it out to help set up their marketing analytics!

Lasse Kalkar


Having visibility of all my data in one place makes it so much easier to understand what's going on. We're finding ourselves much more confident in our decision making. It’s not a coincidence we're seeing CTR up by 4x and conversion doubling since we started using it.

Emily Chen


We recently started working with Kaya and highly recommend them to any startup interested in testing or going significantly in on paid acquisition! Very knowledgeable and thorough.

David Phillips


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