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With our cutting-edge technology and experienced marketers, we can deliver your campaigns 10x cheaper, better and faster than traditional agencies. No minimum spend.

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Join the founders from the fastest growing companies

Meet your extended marketing team

Building a full-stack marketing function takes years. Kaya delivers a seasoned team and marketing analytics from the get-go, saving you significant time and money.

We manage your campaigns end-to-end

Our elite team will handle every aspect of your campaigns, from strategy through to optimisation. And we get them done fast.

Expertise at your fingertips

We’re YC founders ourselves and our team has years of experience working with the world’s fastest growing startups.

Supercharged with AI

Our proprietary AI offers smart recommendations, helping our marketers deliver exceptional work 10 times faster.

Marketing analytics you don’t need to build

Get access to dashboards and alerts that uncover insights you need to maximise growth and ROI.

“Kaya grew our Google Ads conversions by 651%, decreased offer costs by 80%, and increased key conversion points +3x. By trusting Kaya and delegating, we regained time to spend understanding our users.”

Roland Mansilla


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Lightning Fast

See your campaigns launched in 2 weeks or less.



Our technology reduces costs and we pass the savings on to you.


Hassle-free Management

Track tasks via our app. Rest assured, we self-manage efficiently.


Rapid Growth

Our expertise and technology maximise results and ROI.


World Class Support

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Cultural Fit

We're agile, attuned to your aspirations and constraints.

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Purpose built for small businesses

Traditional Agencies
Full-time Hire
From $3,000/m without minimum spend requirement
High – due to retainer fees and minimum spend requirements
High – from $100K+ per year due to salaries, benefits, recruitment
Time to results
As soon as 2 weeks
Months – due to lengthy setup and traditional workflows
3+ months just to find and onboard the right hire
Low – we’ve helped hundreds of companies grow, and there’s no long term contract
High – Experience varies, and contracts are long term
High – Experience varies; a bad hire will cost you a whole year
Comprehensive Analytics
Advanced dashboards and alerts included out of the box
May require additional resources for analytics solutions
May require additional tools or software, and labour for setup and maintenance
Transparency & Communication
Full transparency with regular performance updates via Slack or email
Less frequent updates and more formal communication channels
Highly varies by individual's reporting skills
Full stack capabilities
Full-fledged team– strategists, designers, copywriters, and tracking experts
Can offer a team, often at much higher costs and less flexibility
Limited to the individual’s expertise; more hires may be needed for a full-stack solution

”I was talking to another agency and had already paid them, but they're so slow that I want to churn after seeing your team's speed.”

Kevin Wu


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Leave Traditional Marketing Agencies & Freelancers Behind

We understand the frustrations of working with traditional marketing agencies: slow processes, inadequate reporting, communication issues, and restrictive contracts. That's why we created Kaya as a superior alternative.

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